Difference on Display


Exhibition Niet Normaal - Difference on Display

at Beurs•van•Berlage, Amsterdam, 2010

Schoolchildren were led around by actors, as if it were a laboratory. A laboratory researching the differences in people and cultures. The schoolchildren themselves came from all different kinds of schools: schools for  physically or mentally disabled children, special education, or an average secundary school.

Elisabeth performed as Lara and was as much inspired by the Works of Art as by the children she showed around.

Director: Marike Splint

Production: Bettie de Bruijn

Victor Boullet: http://www.boullet.com/

and  www.theinstituteofsocialhypocrisy.com

Elisabeth Emmanuel - in front of Kate by Victor Boullet
Elisabeth for sale
Elisabeth in 'Cuddle Chair'

Lara in front of ‘Kate’ by Victor Boullet

Lara for sale

Lara in ‘Cuddle Chair’