Soloperformance Island

x3kleinkunst: X3+1 2005-2006

Solo performance and narrator.

"[...], A woman looking for love, who thus builds a bridge from  ‘Island’ to the other performances. "Now I'm working on building  the toughest bridge out there, the bridge of love. But whilst building, it turned out to be the bridge of loneliness instead of the one of love. "

Directing advice: Selma Susanna.

Other performances were:

Santa Monica - by Lieselot of Luyn

Kattus Mortalis - by Femke Molenaar

High voltage - by Bert Wagenaar van Kreveld


Photos were taken by Martin Pluimers ( / plufous) unless stated otherwise.

Elisabeth Emmanuel - Island - Cat
Elisabeth at Santa Monica
Elisabeth = Island - Typewriter
Elisabeth Emmanuel presenting
Elisabeth Emmanuel - Island2
Elisabeth in X3+1

Elisabeth in Santa Monica (Blond, right), photo Marco de Swart

Elisabeth, Island end

the Ensemble X3+1, 2005

Elisabeth, Island, cat

Elisabeth, Island, typewriter

Elisabeth, Island, ‘Good Evening’