Stilt theatre, since 2006

In 2006, Elisabeth took a stilt walking workshop on the advice of Tree Agency. She liked it so much that she subsequently started performing for several Stilt Theatre Companies.

She currently works at Teatro Pavana Theatre company (since 2009) and Sam Shine (since 2006). Teatro Pavana works internationally. Hence Elisabeth has performed in Spain, Germany, France, even in Qatar. Occasionally she works for various other groups such as the Marianne Jacobs Group.


Elisabeth for Sam Shine as a Waternimph
Elisabeth for Sam Shine as Queen Fish
Elisabeth (left) for MJG as Struzzo
Elisabeth as Colors for Teatro Pavana
Elisabeth as Antelope for Teatro Pavana

Sam Shine,


Sam Shine,

Queen Fish

Teatro Pavana,


Elisabeth for Sam Shine as Winterdiva

Sam Shine,

Winter Diva

Teatro Pavana,


Marianne Jacobs Groep,