Goodies for Lymies
a low carb, no sugar recipe book for people with Lyme diease
Also suitable for people with MS, diabetes, gluten allergy or a spastic colon.

will be available in paperback

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LizaCare by     Elisabeth Emmanuel

Benjamin van Kruysdijk, Geldrop

"What fun. And the recipes are not too difficult!

Tasty and fast.

I found the Omelet herb cheese very tasty and surprising.

Something different than what I normally do. "

Thao Nguyen, Geldrop

"How good of you that you made your own recipe book!

I also like the recipe: Omelet herb cheese, very delicious!

Quick to prepare and tasty."

Ellen Schippers, Amsterdam

"For those who want to become and stay healthy. Meaningful information and recipes for people with Lyme, written from a personal experience.

Elisabeth Emmanuel writes from her personal experience and describes her history with the disease Lyme step by step.

Discoveries and insights that she gathered in the process, she shares with her readers in an engaging way. Nutrition is essential, what can’t you do, but especially what can you eat.


The recipes that she wrote and collected are also healthy and very tasteful for those who do not have Lyme, no food allergy, etc.

The dishes are presented in an attractive way. I recommend this recipe book!"